Leadership Coaching

I am a certified Leadership Coach by Ministry Coaching International. I have been involved in coaching Pastors and ministry leaders for the last four years. I enjoy helping these leaders overcome obstacles that are keeping them them from being their best. With the help of some assessment tools and a personal interview; I get to know the leader’s history, temperament, and identify the primary challenges they are facing.

Through regularly scheduled coaching calls, I help them systematically assess different areas of their life and encourage them to evaluate their progress in light of the Gospel Jesus Christ and the revealed will of God in the scriptures. Finally, I strive to provide ongoing accountability and encouragement for them in implementing the changes required for them to bring their life into alignment with God, and His will for their life.

I’m also currently serving as a Ministry Coach through the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.

If you’re interested in being coached or becoming certified please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Leadership Coaching

    1. Dickson,
      Thanks for showing interest in leadership coaching! It’s been transformational for me to have a coach and I know it will do the same for you. In order to start the process I’d need to gather some information about you. Can you reply with your current email address? I tried to reply to the one in the comments section and it sent me an AutoReply. Thanks

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