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You Are In A Season

I wish someone had reminded me five years ago that my current season of my life would soon be changing. I think sometime we get so focused on where we are that we forget where we are going.

There are times when we are entering a new season. Maybe starting new job, beginning a marriage or having a baby. With these seasons come excitement, expectation, and some anxiety.

At other times we find ourselves in the middle of life’s seasons. These seasons can seem long and can start to seem like they will never end. Work, tending to children and the daily grind of life can keep us from thinking about what’s ahead.

Finally, there are the closing of life’s season. Fall is my favorite time of year, yet it reminds me that winter is on the way. What is alive today will soon pass and the current season of life, whether filled with difficulty or joy, will soon pass away.

What matters today is that we live with one eye on eternity. There, the temporary seasons of this life will pass away and all that will remain is that one eternal season where we stand in HIS presence and enjoy HIS Season forever.

“And the city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and its lamp is the Lamb. By its light will the nations walk, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it, and its gates will never be shut by day—and there will be no night there. They will bring into it the glory and the honor of the nations. But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.” Revelation 21:23-27

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Strom Preparation in Proverbs

We are a little over 24 hours way from Hurricane Isaac making land fall somewhere along the Gulf Coast. This morning, August 27th, my scripture reading just happened to be in Proverbs 27. In this chapter I noticed three verses that apply directly to practical storm preparation. God’s wisdom is timeless and relevant each day of our lives. I hope these verses help you in your storm preparation.


  • Verse 1 – Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.


Only God knows how things will play out. We often look at the news and assume the experts know what will happen. The closer the storm gets to land, to less room they have for error. We should not confidently state our plans for tomorrow, it may not turn out as we think.


  • Verse 10 – Do not forsake your friend and your father’s friend, and do not go to your brother’s house in the day of your calamity. Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother who is far away.


This is very practical wisdom, but can easily get lost in a day where we have withdrawn from our neighbors. The one thing we discovered from Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was our neighbors. In an emergency situation we need to rely on those close by as oppose to family how may live far away. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


  • Verse 12 – The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.

It’s easy to allow a previous experience to make us complacent about oncoming danger. We can wrongly assume because a previous experience didn’t harm us, that a similar experience will not as well. The prudent SEE the danger coming and make preparation, but not the simple. The simple think to themselves they will not be affected and ultimately it is their lack of vigilance that cost them.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Trip

Our family had an eventful weekend. We drove to Meridian on Friday and while TJ went to work with me (Thanks to everyone at work who assisted me!), JJ and the girls attended a Flat Stanley musical at the Riley Center.

We traveled from there to Tuscaloosa and stayed the night in Candlewood Suites. Their suites were really nice, maybe because it had only been opened for two weeks. Earlier this year I joined this Priority Club that allows you accumulate points when you stay in one of their selected Hotels. Even if you travel only a few times each year I would recommend joining. You will eventually earn a free night stay.

Since Alabama didn’t have a football game on Saturday, we drove to campus first thing to show the kids around and to visit the Paul W. Bryant Museum. We had a great time watching videos and viewing memorabilia of the “Bear”. The museum is well done and I would recommend it to all football fans, even if you don’t yell “Roll Tide” after every prayer.



We left from there and attended the family reunion. The kids had a great time chasing the family dog and ridding a golf cart, while JJ and I enjoyed visiting with her family. On our way back we decided to stop off at Dunn’s Falls just South of Meridian. I had always wanted to stop, but had never taken the time. We got there with only about 20 minutes of sunlight. While the grist mill only turns if/when they open the gates, there is a steady water fall at the base of this bluff. It is really beautiful! It reminds me of areas I’ve seen at the base of the Smoky Mountains. All in all we had a great trip.


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Down on the Farm

Yesterday afternoon we took the family to Mitchell Farms in Collins. We went with some other families that are a part of our Vintage Group. If you haven’t been, it’s a great 2-3 hour trip for the family. Here is a recent newspaper article about the farm. I’m posting a few pictures on Facebook from our visit. By the way, be sure to pick up some of their boiled peanuts, sweet taters, and honey.

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Storms: Past, Present, and Future

Three years ago today Hurricane Katrina blew through Mississippi and while most of the country watched New Orleans flood, {because of levy failure} South Mississippi took the blunt of the force. It is difficult to describe the general feelings of our community following the storm. There was much fear, and much uncertainty, and a sense that God had visited us.

Katrina reminded us all that this life is brief and that all the material things we see with our eyes will one day vanish in an instant. This, FINAL STORM, will not be a storm of wind, but a storm of fire. It will blow across all that we have worked for and will ultimately reveal the quality of the workmanship and the foundation on which our life was built. So with Gustav spinning we’re reminded again both physically and spiritually. Prepare, Bunker down, and Pray.

11 For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12 If any man builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, 13 his work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man’s work. 14 If what he has built survives, he will receive his reward. 15 If it is burned up, he will suffer loss; he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames. 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 (NIV)

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Biking on the Trace

I took a day of vacation last week and we took the kids biking on the Longleaf trace. It’s a great place to go that allows the kids to exert some energy and (other than the gas to get to there) it’s free. Here are some pointers for biking with kids on the trace.

  1. Plan a relatively short trip. We traveled 2 miles from Clyde Depot to the Beaver Pond, and 2 miles back for 4 miles total round trip.
  2. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks (This will help with point three).
  3. Make frequent stops so their little legs can rest. This is especially true of kids that are on small bikes that don’t allow them to coast without peddling. “Dad my legs hurt really bad!”
  4. Take a First Aid kit. We had a three bike pile-up, where I ran over my daughter and a friend’s son! Not good.
  5. You may want to consider taking a weapon of sorts, especially if you go late in the evening. A knife is good enough for me, but if you are like M.D. you should be packing at all times.

Finally, Have fun!