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Hebraic Vs Greek Thought Concerning Leadership/Ministry

In this chart below, taken from Mike and Sue Dowgiewiez book Reclaiming the Early Church, they contrast the Hebraic vs the Greek view of living. I can see these two models warring in the hearts and minds of church leaders on how their churches will be lead.

Active-appeals to the heart Cognitive-appeals to the intellect
Process Oriented

  • Emphasizes direct participation
  • Emphasizes age, wisdom
Program Oriented

  • Heavy Program Emphasis
  • Emphasizes Education
Biblical Application

  • Doers of the Word
  • Bible-reality that must be confronted
Biblical Application

  • Belief without cost to self
  • Bible-data that must be taught
Ministry Activity

  • Small intimate groups
  • Leader as facilitator
Ministry Activity

  • Large impersonal groups
  • Leader-directed, controlled

  • Love, acceptance, forgiveness
  • Transparency encouraged

  • Mutual toleration
  • Transparency discouraged

How should a church be lead? Should these to thoughts be merged? Can they be merged?

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